07.07.2015 - The Scientific Programme of the Conference has been slightly changed. It includes now 2 IUPAP Prize lectures. Please see the Scientific Programme at a glance.

08.06.2015 - Third announcement - PDF (1454 KB).

04.06.2015 – Book your lunch at the “Titu Maiorescu” Canteen (300 m from the Conference Venue) here.

12.05.2015 – The final programme of the conference (ICPIG 2015 - Scientific Programme at a Glance)
can be downloaded here.

12.05.2015 – List of Accepted Poster Contributions. Click here for the complete list.

09.04.2015 – Some deadlines have been extended. For more information click here.

30.03.2015 – Abstract submission deadline exdended until the 5th of April 2015. Submit your abstract here.

05.03.2015 – Abstract submission deadline exdended until the 29th of March 2015.

05.03.2015 - Call for the nominations for the ICPIG 2015 Student Poster Prizes
The International Scientific Committee (ISC) of ICPIG will select the three best posters presented by PhD students. In addition to the quality of the scientific content and the graphical presentation of the poster, its compliance with the related paper will be taken into account, irrespective of the topic, or whether it is predominantly experimental, computational or theoretical. The student's supervisor, whether attending ICPIG or not, must nominate her/his student for the prize. Eligible students should not be defending their PhD thesis before January 2015. The nomination letter (500 - 1000 words), briefly describing and evaluating the specific work should reach the ISC Chair, professor Laifa BOUFENDI, by e-mail ([email protected]), before 1st June 2015.

19.02.2015 - There has been a change in the list of Topical Invited Speakers. Mitchell WALKER was replaced by Ane AANESLAND. This change was operated both on the Conference webpage and in the Second Announcement.

30.01.2015 - Second announcement - PDF (1316 KB).

30.01.2015 - IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Plasma Physics 2015 Announcement - PDF (180 KB).

19.01.2015 - Abstract submission guidelines can be found in the abstract template.

20.11.2014 - First announcement - PDF (772 KB).