Instructions for speakers

All speakers are asked to upload their talks to the ICPIG conference server (located near the Registration Desk) by the end of the day before their presentation or directly in the conference room during the coffee break/lunch break before their presentation. A technician will be present permanently in the conference room to help with this process.

Talks can be uploaded in ppt. or pdf. format (be mindful of proprietary fonts; we recommend the ppt. format). It is in the responsibility of the speakers to stop by the Speakers' Corner and check that their presentation is displayed correctly on the conference computers (Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010) no later than one hour before the start of their session. Office staff will be happy to assist in resolving any technical issues.

The Speakers' Corner will be located next to the registration desk. It will open on Sunday, July 26, from 4 -7 pm with the conference check-in and remain open during the conference hours for the rest of the week.

All presentation will be presented at a resolution of 1024 by 728 pixels. When using videos, MPG and AVI are the most used video formats. Movie created in (Apple) QuickTime: convert them to MPG or AVI before inserting the video in your presentation. Save the videos used in your presentation on your CD/USB memory stick.

Inside the conference room, a technical assistant starts each presentation at the right time using a fixed computer connected to the congress network. When the presentation is launched, the speaker has control and can navigate with a remote device.

The use of personal laptop for presentations is discouraged. If you bring your presentation on your own laptop, the technician will transfer the files from your laptop into the central congress network, so the laptop will no longer be needed. Of course, the easiest way is to bring your presentation on CD, DVD or memory stick. Please make sure that you have the right adaptor for your computer in order to be attached to the projector (especially if your personal computer is a Mac)

At the end of the congress, all presentation will be deleted so that no copyright issues will arise.