A list of restaurants, within walking distance from the conference venue (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University), is given below together with a map. The university's restaurant, "Titu Maiorescu" Canteen, has a set menu, served at a fixed price of 6 euro/lunch (27 lei/lunch), while the menu of all the other restaurants is à la carte.

Please note that lunch in the university's restaurant, "Titu Maiorescu" Canteen, can be served ONLY if you register online before July 12th. The payment for lunch in the university's restaurant will be made at the conference desk, on the registration moment.


1. “Titu Maiorescu” Canteen - Please register online before July 12th
Address: Campus Titu Maiorescu, Titu Maiorescu Street, 7-9, Iași
Distance: 300 m distance to the Conference Venue, 4 min walking
Website: http://www.uaic.ro/en/turul-virtual-al-universitatii-alexandru-ioan-cuza-din-iasi/titu-maiorescu-canteen/

2. La placinte
Address: Blvd. Carol I, 4, Iași
Distance: 400 m distance to the Conference Venue, 5 min walking
Website: http://laplacinte.ro/ro/pages/restaurante/1/

3. Dopo Poco Trattoria
Address: Gheorghe Asachi Street, 1, Copou, Iași
Distance: 500 m distance to the Conference Venue, 6 min walking
Website: www.dopopocotrattoria.ro

4. Ristretto
Address: Blvd. Carol I, 48, Iasi, Super-Copou, Iași
Distance: 650 m distance to the Conference Venue, 8 min walking
Website: www.ristretto.ro

5. La Conac
Address: Nicolae Gane Street, 27, Copou, Iași
Distance: 700 m distance to the Conference Venue, 9 min walking
Website: www.laconac-traditie.ro

6. Oscar
Address: Lascăr Catargi Street, 12, Iași
Distance: 900 m distance to the Conference Venue, 12 min walking
Website: www.restaurant-oscar.ro

Restaurant map